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Appley Bridge Day Walk 2013

Appley Bridge Day Walk 2013

First Practice Expedition to Appley Bridge

Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps, Everyone Succeeds’; in my opinion, the School’s maxim cannot be illustrated better than the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

On the 12th, 13th of October and the 16th & 17th of November, just over 100 Year 10 students completed their first D of E training day walk to Appley Bridge.

As we have so many students participating in the Award (19 groups) we have to complete this 12 km walk over two weekends – the students may only walk this route once on one day but many of the volunteers do it twice or even more!

This initial walk gives the students an idea about the sort of distance they will need to cover on one day of their forthcoming expeditions.  We also begin to develop navigation skills with the students; covering grid references, compass directions and symbols when using a map.  In addition to this, the students start to develop some micro-navigation techniques such as pacing.  These skills should help them avoid making mistakes and getting lost on their expeditions when they walk without a leader.  There is also a focus on the day walks to develop team work and leadership skills.  I am fortunate to have such a great team of well qualified volunteers who can deliver a high standard of training.

The October walks were a huge contrast to the ones which took place in November.  Due to the dry summer the paths were mud-free and it was odd to cover these familiar routes while the trees were still in leaf.  Overall the students were very good, taking an active part in the training activities and standards of behaviour were excellent.

D of E is not all about wading through muddy fields with a rucksack on your back.  The day walks and expeditions only contribute to one quarter of the Award.  All students also need to complete three other sections: Volunteering, Physical, and Skills.  In these other sections, students develop new skills, make valuable contributions to their local area and improve their personal fitness.

Without the support of a small number of staff and a large number of volunteers these day walks simply could not take place. 

Thanks must go to our super staff: Mrs Allerston, Mr Fletcher, Mrs Hillier, Mrs Hindley,   Miss Hodgetts, Mrs Hughes, Miss Jackson, Mr Prentice and Mrs Quinn.

Some of our former and current students:  Carly Quinn and Alasdair Robertson.

Our invaluable volunteers; Ian Thomas, Mike Symonds, Greg Roughley,  Mike Rowbottom, Stephen Webster, Ray Irving,  John Allerston,  Paul Agnew, Graham Agnew, Helen Burton, Gavin Hynes and Martyn Liley.

We do hope some of our parents will be able to join us on the next day walk to Rivington in February and March.

Mr Halewood
Bronze D of E Leader
Head of Geography