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Artist in Residence

Ceramics | Printmaking | Workshops
Inspired by the coast and the countryside, I am a designer and maker specialising in Ceramics and Printmaking. 
As a past student at Rainford High and Rainford College, I was so excited to return to Rainford's fantastic Art Department as an Artist in Residence. This opportunity has allowed me to continue to develop my own body of work, ready for exhibiting in galleries and exhibitions, alongside working with students on their own projects.
Working in an environment with such great facilities means I can still do what I used to love when I was a student here, experiment with different materials and different ways of working! It is great to be surrounded by enthusiastic and talented people whether it be staff or students. 
My current work is an exploration of surface quality and colour, resembling the British coast an countryside. Every collograph is an original piece, some of which I have worked into with inks and paints. My ceramic pieces are thrown on a potters wheel before various glazes are layered onto the surface. Due to the unpredictable nature of these glazes, each piece is unique and can not be replicated. 

Examples of work

For more please go to my facebook page