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BBC News School Report

Year 9 Literacy Leaders have been given the opportunity to take part in the BBC News School report 2016. These students will work with Miss Dyer and a BBC mentor to develop their journalistic skills throughout the year. 

Students will research news worthy topics which interest them and create written and visual reports on these subject matters. There will be a link from the BBC website to that of Rainford High Technology College; this will direct the general public to the news articles created by our talented pupils.

For more information on this project please visit

Charity Compassion

Here at Rainford High, Miss Hughes, one of our teachers, told us a heart-warming story that motivated us to get involved in this charitable event. The story goes like this;

One distressing Christmas her young son was admitted to Ormskirk hospital and was told that he would have to stay over the Christmas period.

Christmas day arrived and Miss Hughes awoke on the hospital ward. She was greeted with an enormous smile from Cameron. He was perched with a bundle of presents which had been generously donated to charity. Miss Hughes stated that she was ‘extremely touched’ by this act of kindness.

This wasn’t the end of the story though, as Miss Hughes walked down the ward towards her son, she noticed some teenagers looking glum. In comparison to the younger children, they had very little. This sight encouraged Miss Hughes to embark upon an important mission.

Over the past few weeks she has encouraged the students and staff of Rainford to donate presents specifically aimed at teenagers. So far we have over 200 presents and hope to get many more. We are hoping to instil happiness among for teenagers throughout Ormskirk hospital on Christmas day.