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Break and Lunchtime Arrangements

Break Time

Students can access hot and cold snacks in the school canteen and this is the only place in the building where food should be consumed. Students can eat food outside but rubbish must be placed in the bins provided. On dry days students should be outside of the school building except for access to the canteen and the front entrance hall, as it is important students get out from the classroom and have some fresh air.

If it is deemed a wet break time students will be able to stay inside the building but food can only be eaten in the canteen.


Students can only eat in the canteen, or if the weather is good, on the seating outside of the canteen. Food should not be eaten anywhere else in the school building. Students should be outside when the weather is dry. Once the main lunchtime rush is over students are able to sit in the canteen to talk with friends.

If it is a wet lunchtime students will be able to stay inside the building but food can only be consumed  in the canteen area. Students are designated areas of the building based on Year groups.