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D.of.E. Bronze Award

Key Principles:

  • Non-competitive
  • Achievable by all
  • Voluntary
  • Promote personal development
  • Achievement focused
  • Demand commitment
  • Enjoyable

Who's it for?

Anyone can take part in the Award regardless of ability as it should be a personal challenge.

Some common myths . . .
  • You have to do DofE if you are doing Geography (and vice versa)
  • It only involves walking though muddy fields with a heavy rucksack on your back
  • It’s expensive

None of the above are true!
  • When most students begin the Bronze Award, at the beginning of Year 10, they will already have chosen their option subjects. There is no requirement that students need to study Geography however, the map work covered on the Bronze Award would certainly help GCSE Geography students. On the GCSE Geography exam, students will be provided with a map extract and have to give grid references and recognise symbols.
  • There is certainly occasions when students walk through muddy fields (if the weather has been wet) but the Expedition section is only one quarter of the Bronze Award.
  • We always attempt to keep costs down. For example, students are loaned tents, stoves and rucksacks for their expeditions. Potentially you could be looking at spending a few hundred pounds buying these items yourself.

Expedition Reports: