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Buzzing around this summer!



Bees, they provide the world with honey and pollinate our crops. A third of the food we eat is pollinated and bees are the cause, whether you’re eating an onion, mustard or chilli peppers – bees have had their hand in getting that food to you. Their value to the economy and food supply of the UK is of extraordinary proportions.

And now, Rainford High School shall be getting its own set of these marvellous creatures. Bees are such an essential part of the natural world, the experience to learn about their workings and for students to learn beekeeping will be of great value. The bees will be situated at the back of the sports field to ensure little disturbance can occur; the hive will be left to develop on its own. Whether it is hive maintenance and the creating of new lava or pollination, the bees are guaranteed to be a busy set of animals at the school.

The bees will travel from their hive all over, whether it is to the plants in the school quad or local flowers, their impact will be great. The bees will pollinate local resident’s gardens, improving the quality in all. Yet not only will they impact the natural life around them, they will also provide the school with honey – something the food technology classes can turn into a delicious delicacy. Other students will be trained in beekeeping and looking over the maintenance of the bees, whether that be spotting disease amongst the bees or collecting honey from the hive, they’re ensured to be kept busy also.

The bees will be of great value to many students and to the local community. It is hoped that they will be here by summer; there’s certainly a buzz going around – pun intended.

Words by Nathan Kelly (Year 12)