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Exciting Cookery Show Tickets Available Now!


Sponsored by Warren Aspinall, Director of North West Waste Consultants Ltd, this exciting activity brings great cooking to reducing waste in your kitchen and saving you pounds at the same time.

The inspirational chefs show you how to cook an exciting meal from everyday ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen. This is more than a live cookery show, this is your opportunity to take part, join professional chefs and cook your own meal!

You will be provided with everything that you need and guided step by step, from start to finish. At the end of the show, you get to take home your own culinary creation. Our chefs will teach ten families or groups in each of the five sessions running throughout the day in the Can Cook Marquee.

Demand for places will be very high so you are advised to book in advance. Tickets are available at only £5 per station. Children are welcome if accompanied by a responsible adult and up to four in a family group can share a station.

To book your place, please email [email protected] and we will allocate a time and email you back.

Get Cooking and Enjoy!

Can Cook Studio
Warren Aspinall, Director of North West Waste Consultants Partners Rainford Summer Festival