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Common Behavioural Issues

The following scenarios give guidance only and are not intended as an exhaustive list. Issues which do not directly relate to any below should however be dealt with in a similar manner to ensure consistency.

Inappropriate Behaviour in the Classroom:

The effective use of praise and rewards, together with good teacher/student relationships should ensure that any disruption to learning is dealt with effectively without the need to progress beyond the first level below.

Level 1- First Intervention:- 
Teacher records name on board and indicates to the student that he/she now has one chance to avoid audit. An audit must be recorded for any child who has two warnings in any one lesson.

Level 2 –Second intervention:- 
Audit recorded for disruption and a personal detention given by the member of staff to be served at break, lunch or after school.

Level 3– Third Intervention:-
Removed from room to Curriculum Leader, or another staff member’s room and a Departmental After School  Detention must now be issued. Parents  must now be contacted by the class teacher and an Audit recorded.

Level 4- Serious incident :-
Patrol will be called and the student will be removed from the room. The class teacher must complete a “Student Removal Form” before the end of the day and forward this to the member of staff who responded to the Patrol call.

To call patrol a student, not involved in the incident, should be sent to the Curriculum Leaders Office, an SLT Office or KS Office to arrange for patrol to pick up a very disruptive student.

Examples of serious incidents are:

Fighting, Aggression, Swearing….

The class teacher must record an audit outlining the incident and steps taken prior to patrol being called.

Depending on the nature and circumstances of the serious incident, the following sanctions will be considered:
  • After School Departmental Detention
  • After School SLT Detention
  • Isolation from an agreed number of lessons in that subject
  • Isolation from an agreed number of lessons in all subjects
  • Fixed term exclusion ~ to be agreed by the Principal
  • Permanent Exclusion ~ to be agreed by the Principal and Governor Committee.

Persistent Poor Behaviour
Consistent poor behaviour in a lesson or form time should result in a personal detention at break or lunch followed up by a faculty detention if there is no improvement. The member of staff should explain to the student the negative impact of their behaviour on their learning and that of others relating this to the school ethos.

If poor low level behaviour continues parents should be contacted and students placed on a subject report and the Progress Leader must be informed.

Homework Issues:
When homework is given to a group they will be required to record relevant details, including the submission date, in their planners.
Homework should be completed to deadlines and any student who fails to complete a homework on time, without good reason and a message from parents/carers, should receive a personal detention and this will be audited. If they then fail to complete and bring the homework in for the second deadline they will receive a faculty detention.
Parental contact should be made if students are persistently failing to complete homework to an acceptable standard and appropriate sanctions in line with the above should be issued.

Make-up and Nail Varnish:
The school sets high standards in relation to the appearance of students and make-up should not be worn. However in some circumstances it is recognised that the subtle use of make-up can be supportive towards a students’ self-esteem. In such instances a minimal amount of make-up will be allowed but this should be relatively un-noticeable.

Form tutors will check make-up at the start of each day and when necessary will send students to the Key Stage office to remove make-up. When this happens a letter will be sent home to parents highlighting the issue and requesting support for the school in this matter. Any future infringements will result in a Pastoral After School Detention being issued.

The school sets high standards in relation to the appearance of students and the Uniform must be worn correctly at all times. 

Form tutors will check uniform and will require students to correct their uniform as necessary auditing uniform infringements. Classroom teachers will also audit uniform issues.

When monitoring negative behaviour audits on a weekly basis, the  form tutor will issue personal detentions to students who are persistently failing to wear their uniform correctly.
Behaviour outside of lessons:

Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times in school and when travelling to and from school.

Any inappropriate behaviour should be challenged by staff and an appropriate sanction issued following the consequence ladder above.