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St. Helens Secondary Democracy Debate

On two separate occasions I have gone along to the St. Helens Secondary Democracy debate that is located in the town hall. It is a really good opportunity to put your point across and make a difference to your town and community for the better. The debate is aimed at young teenagers our age, which is a good thing because, at the moment, politics is portrayed in a negative way because people have opinions and many people disagree with other people’s opinion. That’s the beauty of debating, you get to find out other people’s opinions and you might think of things in a different way when discussed and really thought about. On our first visit, we were discussing what our school was like on a school council front, like if anything happened to do with bullying etc. and got to hear what other schools did and how we could improve our school tactics. We reported back and we have improved thanks to the St. Helens debate.

On our second visit, it was harder because as soon as we got there we were put into different groups away from our friends so we were out of our comfort zone. In our groups we got given many topics that we felt needed changing most in schools. There were so many to choose from! In my group (green group) we thought that behaviour in school is the most important and we were told to come up with an idea of a project to how we could help tackle our issue in school. My group’s idea was to have speakers to come into schools every term and share their experience on how they didn’t get very far to show pupils why it is really important to not disrupt lessons and really concentrate. Also, we wanted sixth formers and production companies to come in to schools and perform productions of why to behave etc. After, we then entered group by group into the massive hall and did our very own ballot, this meant we got a piece of paper then entered the group we thought had the best idea into the ballot box. All in all, I had a great time and it’s a really good thing to say that I’ve done. Not only have a learnt that everyone should have a say in their community, but I have met friends and it is a great way to make friends in an educational environment. I really enjoyed visiting the town hall both times and I cannot wait to go again (hopefully it won’t be too long!) and I can’t wait to have my say yet again to help change our community for the better.

Jamie Blake