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Subject Summary

The Electronic Products course provides students with the opportunity to design and make a range of interesting products. Students will work practically to develop their skills. They will learn to safely use equipment such as soldering irons, drills a range of tools. Students will also learn how to draw simple circuit diagrams. They will gain an understanding of a range of electronic components, their function, properties and applications. Students will also work to further develop their CAD/CAM skills in order to develop suitable cases for their products that take the needs of the consumer into consideration.

Key stage 3

In year 7 students will design and make a Jittery electronic car that is suitable for a chosen cartoon character. Students enjoy this project immensely and enjoy racing their cars at the end of the project.

In year 8 students design and make an animal themed MP3 amplifier that allows them to listen to music from their MP3, phone or I-Pod. This is another great project that engages students well. Students show a great deal of satisfaction when they hear their amplifier working for the first time!

Students opting to take Electronic products in year 9 will develop their electronic knowledge further. They will undertake a range of more in-depth projects, including a mood light, an alarm for their bedroom, a piano and a lap counter. In year 9 students learn to design and make their own PCB’s. They also learn how to program microprocessors (mini-computer).

Key stage 4 GCSE

In year 10 students develop their knowledge and understanding yet further. They will make more challenging projects and will be given more freedom regarding cases etc.

Towards the end of year 10 students will begin to undertake their final project that will be submitted for their controlled assessment. Students will identify a design situation or problem and will then develop a suitable electronic product that will solve the problem. Students will develop their own circuit diagrams and will make design choices regarding components. Students will then develop PCB’s and cases for their products. Past projects have been varied and have included:-

An Electronic Safe with a key pad and LCD display
A Remote controlled car
A line following Robot
A Laser Target Alien Toy
A Theremin
A Metronome
An Alarm System with 7 segment count-down
Jewellery Boxes with music and LED’s
Mood Lighting

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