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Activities at Rainford Summer Festival

Stay all day and explore the many varied activities!

  • Can Cook Studio – Love Food Hate Waste (national campaign) sponsored by North West Waste Consultants. 10 cookery stations available 5 times a day, places will be booked beforehand.
  • On this Rock -Do you think you have what it takes to scale a giant wall? On This Roc challenges you to do just that as they test you on your people and life skills as you try to ascend the dreaded wall
  • Zorbing –Ever wanted to roll around in a giant hamster ball? Well here’s your chance as IZorb offer this unique yet extremely enjoyable experience.
  •  Ride Segway - Ride Segway offers you the opportunity to take control of your own Segway, as you try to get to grips with how they work: guaranteed to bring laughter and fun.
  • Bouncy Castles & Slides - This family friendly attraction is sure to bring along moments of hilarity as Will Bounce finds itself at Rainford Festival.
  • Story Telling Tent – Story telling hosted by our English Department grants people the opportunity to swap books: allowing them to meet new people and possibly find new books that will intrigue them for the coming weeks.
  • Science Farm - Come see Eric and Martha, our very own pet Sheep!
  • Science Rockets - Design, create and launch your very own rocket as Rainford High Science Department guide you on a journey that will be out of this world!
  • Donkey Rides - Trot over to Donkey Rides by Holly Fold Farm, offering the kids a chance to fuss the animals and enjoy a good time
  • Rainford Rangers - Do you look at your child and see the next Ronaldo? Send them down to Rainford Rangers as they host small training sessions that will bring out the best in your child’s football ability
  • Rainford Tennis Club - Even though Wimbledon has just finished, it doesnt stop you from trying your hand at a set of Tennis!
  • Clarkes Golf Centre - Consider yourself the next Tiger Woods? Try your swing with Clarkes Golf Centre to see if you could turn professional, Four!
  • Rainford Table Tennis Club- Why not challenge your parents to see who is the best at Table Tennis in the family
  • Rainford 10K - Test your stamina as you take part in our 10K run, all for a good cause as it benefits others as well as you and your fitness levels!
  • Rainford Heritage – Metal Detecting, who knows what you could find!
  • Face Painting - Let one of our professional painters design your face paint in vibrant colours
  • Fairground – Waltzer, Twister, Ski Jump, Miami, Rodeo Bull, Junior Rides, Side Stalls,
  • Fire Engine - Take a look inside what a Fire Engine has to offer when they're called out for work
  • Vintage Double Decker Bus - Take a trip to the past as you feast your eyes on what transport used to be like with these Vintage Bus'