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Industry Day at Catalyst

Industry Day at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

The life sciences sector in the UK continues to evolve at a rapid rate and it is essential that the next generation of scientists have the skills and background knowledge that both they and business require to be successful in the future.

This half term a group of Year 8 students took advantage to meet scientists currently working in industry to discover some of the opportunities available in the Science sector.

The students had an amazing day and learnt about a wide variety of careers by talking first hand to Scientists involved in creating vaccines. They were given valuable insight into the techniques involved, and got to see practical applications and the importance of scientific research. Another company introduced them to new advances in hazardous waste management especially getting to know exciting new ways of reclaiming and recycling toxic waste. This is also a very relevant and forward thinking project, which shows where new scientists, novel ideas and discoveries are needed. Showing students some of the end goals of real scientific research was a great way of further motivating and inspiring our next generation of Scientists.

“It is good that the students are being introduced to these careers at such an early age as it may help them to decide what options they wish to choose in Year 9.”
Miss Duffy - Science Technician