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Literacy Leaders

The Literacy Leaders course was launched to Year 9 pupils in assembly by Miss Dyer and we had to submit a letter of application to be considered for the course. Those of us who were successful have been taking part in the course since the middle of October. It is a year-long course, who have expressed an interest in being ambassadors for Literacy and at the end of the year, we will receive official accreditation.

We have weekly meetings on a Monday and a Tuesday, and also do work for the BBC School Report. Our first task was on punctuation. We devised board games on the topic of a piece of punctuation. One group made “Semi-Colon Monopoly”, another prepared the “Colon Chase” and the final group produced “Comma Cards”. We then went into Year 7 lessons and used these as a starter activity. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed these games and gave us really positive feedback.

The second project linked in with punctuation, but also focussed on presenting. We presented to all the teaching staff in a morning briefing and we chose the topic of apostrophes as it’s where we thought most teachers get it wrong! We included an interactive traffic light game, which all of our teachers definitely had fun doing!

Our most recent project was the filming of our school’s Christmas Crafts and Carols fayre, where we had two reporters interviewing students, teachers and members of the public. Overall, I think we have made a good report, but we may need a little more practice!
At the moment, we are creating a Punctuation Relay for Year 7 pupils. This involves completing a series of questions and you can only progress to the next one once you have finished the last one and it has been checked as being correct. It will take place in the library, or the Institute of Infinite Information, the week commencing 29th February.

As well as organising these projects, we are also helping pupils on an individual basis to improve their literacy skills. In form-times on a Monday and Friday, we are delivering the Reading Buddies and Literacy Intervention programmes to Year 7 and 8 pupils.  These programmes have not only helped the Year 7 and 8 pupils to improve their literacy, but have also allowed us to become more confident and secure in our own literacy knowledge. 

Thomas Barber.