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Medical Challenge Day

Medical Challenge Day Was Brilliant!

Words by Becky Marsh (Year 10)

On the 26th November, a group of Year 10 Science students went to a Medical Challenge Day at Knowsley College. Each of us has a particular interest in medicine and potentially wish to go into a future career in the medical profession.

Many different schools from in and around Merseyside attended the event and as we were split into groups with people from different schools, it was a great chance to develop people skills through working together which we will obviously need to do in a medical career.

Firstly, we went to a physiolgy challenge which involved learning the different sections of a human heart, and how doctors examine people with heart and circulatory illnesses. We got to perform practicals which was both interesting and interactive.

Secondly, we attended an anatomy session which involved locating the organs in the body as well as learning the functions of these organs and illnesses associated with them. After this, we watched a dissection of an ox’s heart; not for the squeamish amongst us! It was a really brilliant experience to watch doctors perform something like this and I think we all found it a very valuable opportunity.

Finally, we went to a medical ethics role-play activity in which each group were given a scenario to interpret and act out, involving the principles of confidentiality and acting in a patients best interests. We got a feel for some of the crucial and life determining decisions that doctors make on a daily basis.

Just before we left, we got a Q and A session with a junior doctor who spoke about life as a doctor which gave us a clearer idea of whether we would like to be doctors later on in life.

The day has made me more sure that I want to go into a medical career and being around professionals with a passion for medicine was really inspiring; I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Medical Challenge Day Medical Challenge Day