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Meet the School Nurse - Lisa Heyes

Words by Cait Power - Year 12

During an interview with school nurse Lisa, it was made clear there are many places that young people can go for free health advice in the area. Bridgewater clinics are open in Rainford, Sutton, St Helens, Rainhill and Billinge as a drop in service and provide a variety of advice and care.

What days and times are the clinics open?

The clinic is open from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. However, the school nursing team are often available outside of these hours and are happy to work with school, students and families at a time that is convenient.

Clinic In A Box is an additional service that is run within school on Mondays for Year 9 and above and provides sexual health advice for those who visit.

What services do the clinics provide?

The nursing service provides support and advice about:
  • Keeping healthy
  • Immunisation
  • Emotional Health
  • Weight Management
  • Sexual Health
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Smoking

Is the student’s information kept confidential from staff and parents?

All information is confidential from staff and parents. However, should the school nurse feel there is a risk of harm to the student or to someone else then the information would be shared with others in order to keep that person safe from harm. The school nurse would always inform the student if this was necessary.

What issues can students come to you about?

Students can approach the school nurse with any worries at all. If the school nursing service is unable to help a student directly, then it may be that the school nurse could refer on to the most appropriate agency.

What are the benefits of a career as a school nurse?

Lisa says her job provides personal satisfaction and is extremely rewarding. Nursing has many different specialties which are all interesting to different people. Lisa recommends that if a student is looking for a career with potential to develop, young people should consider nursing.

A huge thanks to Lisa for all the information and for the services the school nurses provide.

Further information about the Bridgewater clinics is available on their website:
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Meet our School Nurse Lisa