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Summer Concert 2015

Music for a Summer's Evening

This year’s concert was a celebration of all the music that had been going on through the department through-out the year. For a lot of the Year 10 GCSE students it was the first time they had performed and they did a fantastic job!
Well done to all the performers who took part, here's a look at the programme from the night…


1. Year 10 Brass quartet: Colonel Bogey & Mango Walk

2. Choir: Good Day & Rather Be

3. Wind band: Godfather & Mexican Hat Dance

4. Piano Solo : Ethan Carter - Carnival

5. String Group - Au Clair de la Lune

6. Violin Solo: Matthew Floyd - La Rotta

7. Flute Solo: Chloe Alban  - Presto

8. Duet: Abi Johnson and Rachael Cross - River Flows in You

9. Year 9 Band: Smells Like Teen Spirit - Omar Collins & Ben Edwards

10. Cornet solo: Will Dixon - Besame

11. Duet: Adele Barnes and Sophie Whittle - Mountain Sound

12. Solo: Tom Barber - Say Something

13. Year 10 Band : Emily Galt, James Crosby, Luke Cooper, Calum Thomas - Feelin Good  

Thank you to the Windband and Choir for all the lunchtime rehearsals you have had and the amazing performance you gave on the night. What a fantastic evening’s entertainment! Well done!