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Paris & Disneyland Trip

We had a great time in Paris and Disneyland!

Friday 10th April at 5.30am, 57 (not so sleepy) students and 8 (sleepy) staff set off from school for Paris. We travelled through the Channel Tunnel and, unlike previous trips, not one student saw any fish as the train sped under the water to France! 

Due to several hold ups, last year’s journey took 20 hours but this year we arrived on time so, after having a competition to see who could make their room the untidiest in the shortest time (!) and then having dinner, students were able to relax in the hotel pool or browse in the hotel’s Disney shop and discover how expensive a Mickey Mouse key ring is.

The next day was a very busy one as we spent a full day in Paris, starting with a boat trip on the Seine, followed by a trip to the second stage of the Eiffel Tower. Chapeau! (that’s French for ‘Hat’s off’) to those students who were scared of heights but, thanks to Ms.Wood’s calming words, went up the Tower with their friends. Our great coach driver took us on a whistle stop tour of Paris – driving around the Arc de Triomphe is like being on the dodgems - and before heading back to the hotel, we had poulet frites in a nice restaurant in central Paris.

For a lot of students, Sunday was THE day as we spent it in Disneyland. We arrived at 10 o’clock and eight hours later, a group of tired but happy students, carrying numerous Disney shopping bags, gathered outside Planet Hollywood, where we had our evening meal. From what I was able to pick up, it seems that, as in previous visits, the Tower of Terror was the best ride, followed closely by Rock and Roller Coaster although a certain teacher (me!) managed to avoid going on them, despite lots of persuasion from students.

We set off for home early the next day and the coach was noticeably quieter as three days without a great deal of sleep had its effect on students although it got a bit louder once the sugar rush from copious amounts of sweets kicked in. We got back to Rainford half an hour earlier than planned so the traffic gods were really smiling on us.

Everyone – staff and students – had a great time and the behaviour of our Year 7s was impeccable.

So, as the French say…… A la prochaine!