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PepsiCo Engineering Visit

At the end of last term the year 12 students went on a trip to PepsiCo in Skelmersdale to acquire some information about engineering careers within food manufacturing and the future studying opportunities that are now offered by Sheffield Hallam University.
 It was here the students learned about the complex systems, machinery and staff that are required to produce a single packet of Walker’s crisps. The students were given the opportunity to tour the factory and witnessed first-hand the whole process from potato to bag. The students were also given the chance to speak with various members of the PepsiCo team to get a better understanding of the studying and qualifications it would take for the students to reach their level.
The tour of the factory surprised us all with how little manual labour goes into the process. Every worker was a highly skilled engineer  and the production line from start to finish was computerised with detailed selection of every crisp to make sure even slightly impaired crisps got rejected.
The year 12 students left PepsiCo with a better idea of the path required for a career in food engineering (and a complimentary Walker’s goody bag!).