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Principal's Update

Dear All
As we return in 2017 I trust everyone has had a good Christmas and looking forward to a prosperous and successful 2017. As a school we are returning to focus on the standards that reinforce our school ethos of ”Everyone Matters,Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds”.
We ended 2016 with accolades for the school's commitment to both sport and literacy at the Educate Awards, the school leading the development of best practice around students mental health and well being,  as well as hopefully achieving Arts Mark Gold Award and working creatively with our artist in residence Mark Storror. We hosted a holocaust survivor who shared their experience and opinions with year 11 and this was topped off wIth a brilliant Christmas Fair that raised £1700 for local charity and meant many children received Christmas gifts in local hospitals. Along with raising in excess of £2500 for Cancer charities and the Sixth Forms  on going project in Ghana. These are all fantastic achievements for the school that illustrate how we are moving towards excellence as both students and teachers. As a school we increasingly live our ethos of Everyone Matters Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds.
However we  will be further increasing levels of respect that students display to each other, the school staff , their work and the school environment. As a significant minority of students lack the self respect to ensure they achieve the best outcomes possible with their ability through applying the required levels of hard work and focus on a consistent basis. The level of competition young people face in exams and for opportunities in the world  continues to rise and we need to give our students the attitude and expectation to work hard if they are to achieve their best.
 As a school we have high standards but these need to improve further  and  we will be relying on parental support with issues such as the school environment, meeting deadlines and being respectful to all school staff. As a school we have to spend thousands of pounds every year to maintain the standard of the fantastic environment and facilities we use everyday. Unfortunately additional cost  is regularly incurred due to careless and mindless damage by our young people failing to use toilets appropriately, failing to put litter in bins and dropping food rather than do the right thing. As Principal I see the vast majority of students show high levels of respect and responsibility but too many let themselves and the school down and this is preventing the school in achieving excellence in all areas. There is no place for young people who do not want to work with respect and responsibility to ensure Everyone Matters Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds at Rainford High.
So as we move into 2017 we will continue to work to give an  excellent education to our students, we will work to achieve the best outcomes for all our students by ensuring they understand the quality of attitude and effort they need to apply to achieve their full potential. As always I look forward to working together to move closer to delivering excellence for all.
Ian Young