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Principal's Update

Dear All
Once again we move towards examination season. With the changes to Maths and English GCSE’s and the ongoing increasing demands and pressures on children this is now more challenging for students than ever before. It is for this reason that we have introduced a more proactive approach to the final days of exam preparation to deliver the best prepared cohort of Year 11’s in the school’s history.
We have had to adjust traditional arrangements of allowing students full home study after the half term period to take maximum advantage of the time prior to exams, to deliver high quality exam preparation sessions to ensure students are experts in the papers and what is expected of them to achieve the best marks possible. Having been involved in GCSE preparation for over 20 years it has become increasingly clear that not all students make effective use of home study and many fail to maximise their outcomes due to focusing on the wrong things. I would ask that students and parents engage with the school in this process to ensure the best outcomes for everyone.
Every school in the country are preparing their students more diligently so that they can achieve the highest rates of success possible. As Principal of Rainford High I have a responsibility to the students, staff and the community that this school does not rest on its laurels and assume our students will deliver the best out comes possible without matching the preparations of other students across the country.
Thank you for your support as always.
Ian Young