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Rainford through the ages

Rainford Through the Ages

To celebrate Rainford High's 75th year, students in Years 7 and 8 presented an exciting look into the school's past using dance and other elements of performing arts. The performance took place in the form of a series of lively short stories which unifed comedy with high energy and plenty of nostalgia. What's more, it has also been enacted at St Helens' Theatre Royal with help from the fantastic Watch This Space Dance Company.

Some of our exceptionally talented Year 10 students  also performed scenes from 'Feather Boy' as part of this drama event. 'Feather Boy' is the beloved, heart warming tale of a young boy who is trying to face his fears. With a cast of weird and wonderful characters, this was a truly unmissable performance.


Written by Liesl Chesworth (Y12)

Rehearsals for the event are in full swing.