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Revision Tips


Since the beginning of March, the Geography Department has been running Year 11 revision classes after school in preparation for their GCSE exam. We have been fortunate enough to have two AQA examiners come in and speak to the students about the exam. Dave Hibberd delivered a session about the Physical Paper on Tuesday 10th March and Martin Foulkes ran a session about the Human Paper and effective exam techniques on Tuesday 28th April.

Here are some useful revision tips which can be applied to all subjects:

1) Create a revision calendar: At GCSE, we as a department provide a revision calendar to students. Think about creating your own with short activities to help you remember facts and figures.

2) Talk to classmates: A problem shared is a problem halved! Is there someone in class who is more confident on a topic than you? Ask them for help and you can return the favour. Revising together will make you feel more confident and calmer about your exams.

3) Make revision notes or mind maps: Try to write down as much as you can from memory. If you notice any gaps in your knowledge, you can then go and find more things out.

4) Take some study breaks: Don’t try and revise all at once as this will make you feel stressed and tired. Try revising for 20 minutes, then taking a break or exercising. Exercising is proven to engaging your brain in studying and improves your exam performance in the long-run. Don’t try and revise the night before!!

5) Practice, practice, practice: Whether it is a spelling test, keyword test, or a GCSE question, practice makes perfect. Keep testing yourself and getting others to test you.

Good luck to all of our Year 11 and A-Level students! 

Miss Armstrong
Geography Department