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Merit System

Praising students and awarding merits is one of the key elements which contributes to positive behaviour for learning and as such is an essential part of our day to day work with our students.
In the 2013/14 academic year the recording of merits will change to an electronic format to help ensure consistency of approach across all subjects, year groups and ability ranges. Merits should be issued according to the following criteria, regardless of age or ability, as this was a significant issue in the 2012/13 academic year.

Criteria for awarding merits:

Merits shall be awarded in three possible categories using the following criteria:

1. Academic (Everyone Succeeds)
  • Students making a consistently good effort in a lesson or over a sequence of lessons.
  • Students making progress above expectation in a piece of work /activity or project.

2. Community Engagement (Everyone Matters)
  • Students supporting activities which impact on the wider community
  • Students supporting whole school events

3. Helping others (Everyone Helps)
  • Students helping others in any aspect of day to day school life
  • Students supporting others positively in their learning, in or beyond the classroom.

As a guide staff should aim to give out a minimum of 5 merits every lesson and only single merits should be awarded to individual students.

The eportal section for recording merits will change in September to simplify the recording of merits.

The merit will be assigned to one of the above categories and only single merits can be recorded.

Merit Badges:

The awarding of Badges as a celebration of success will continue with the following criteria and merits will “roll over” academic years. Badges will be awarded in celebration assemblies every half term.
Total number of merits Awards Total number of merits Awards
100 Everyone Helps Bronze 700 Everyone Helps Gold
200 Everyone Matters Bronze 800 Everyone Matters Gold
300 Everyone Succeeds Bronze 900 Everyone Suceeds Gold
400 Everyone Helps Silver 1000 Platinum Award
500 Everyone Matters Silver    
600 Everyone Succeeds Silver    



Regular use of praise in lessons, form time and outside of the classroom is an effective means of building strong teacher/student relationships and helps to promote positive behaviours.

To enhance the merit system and provide further opportunities to recognise and celebrate success the following activities will run throughout the 2013/14 academic year.

Form Group Celebrations
To encourage good attendance and positive behaviour each form group will focus on the average form attendance and total number of merits earned on a weekly basis. A form of the week will be identified in respect of both of the above and this will be consolidated with a termly Merit Cup and Attendance Cup being awarded in each year group.
A student in each form group will be identified as “Star of the Week” and this will be show cased outside the relevant Key Stage Office.

Curriculum Celebrations
Each half term, coinciding with the school data collection points, each department will be asked to nominate departmental Stars in each year group. Three students should be nominated from across the ability range, for each year group, for each of the following categories:

1. Achievement
2. Progress
3. Effort

This means typically there will be 45 stars each half term per subject which, throughout the course of the academic year, will give recognition to a significant number of students.
The names of the Stars should be published on Curriculum notice boards with photographs of the students.

Annual Celebrations:
The school will continue to celebrate success through the annual rewards evening and celebration evening.