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Rivington Day Walks 2014

Rivington Day Walks 2014

Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Over four days; February 1st & 2nd and March 1st & 2nd, 97 Year 10 students completed a 14 kilometre training walk around Rivington Reservoir as part of their Bronze Award. With the heavy rain earlier in the year, parts of the planned route did resemble a First World War trench, so why on earth would students get up early of a weekend, brave the elements and spend the whole day in the outdoors?

The Expedition part of the Bronze Award requires students to undertake a Practice and an assessed, Qualifying weekend expedition. This entails students planning their intended route, walking and successfully navigating over two days, camping one evening and being self-sufficient – which in reality means they carry everything; their tent, food, stove, clothing etc. All of this takes place unaccompanied – the students walk, as a group, without an adult leader (only meeting them at designated check-points).

To help students develop the essential navigation skills – map reading & being able to use a compass, they complete two training walks – the first before Christmas to Appley Bridge and the second to Rivington. The focus of this second training walk is to further develop the navigation skills developed at Appley Bridge and to introduce how to use a compass.

Over the four days the students were brilliant overall, taking an active role in the training activities and it was great to have so many of them say thank you to the volunteers before they were picked up at the finish.

‘D of E just happens at Rainford’, despite being the largest extra-curricular activity, a huge amount of unsupported work goes on behind the scenes. A small team of staff and volunteers providing after-school training sessions and giving up their weekends to help run the training walks and expeditions are the only reason Rainford High is one of the largest D of E centres in the North West.

Thanks must go to Mrs Allerston, Helen Burton, Miss Hodgetts, Martyn Liley, Ian Thomas, Greg Roughly, Miss Watts, Paul Quilliam and Steven Webster for their help with the February Day Walks along with the support of Jonathan Bennett, Jess Best, Chris Hibberd and Alasdair Robertson in the 6th form.

Thanks must also go to Paul Agnew, Craig Baker, Mr Fletcher, Mrs Hillier, Mrs Hughes, Ray Irving, Miss Jackson (both days!), Martyn Liley, Mr Prentice, Paul Quilliam, Mrs Quinn, Alasdair Robertson, David Rogers and Steven Webster for their help with the March Day Walks – especially after a long week in school and the recent Ofsted inspection.
Mr Halewood
Bronze D of E Leader