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Consequence Ladder

The following Consequence Ladder outlines how the severity of sanctions increase as behaviour becomes increasingly unacceptable, either through persistence or seriousness. Sanctions are used by the school to challenge inappropriate behaviour and to support students in making the correct choices in line with the School Ethos.  Whilst the management of a students behaviour must take into account individual circumstances and needs the Consequence Ladder gives a generic overview which can be applied in most instances.

C1 ~ Informal warning

C2 ~ Formal Warning and Audit issued

C3 ~ Personal detention issued at break or lunchtime

C4 ~ After School Detention ~ Departmental or Progress/Pastoral Detention, 45 minutes

C5 ~ After School Detention ~ SLT Detention, 1 hour

C6a ~ Isolation from lessons departmental based

C6b~ Removal from the school bus, following a serious behavioural issue , for a fixed period of time.

C6c ~ Restriction of Social time due to concerns over behaviour at lunch and/or break time

C7 ~ Isolation from lessons in the Isolation Unit. Students can only be placed in the Isolation Unit by Progress Leaders, Pastoral Support Managers or SLT members and this must be with agreement from the Vice Principal or Principal. An Inclusion Unit referral form must be completed and submitted to the Vice Principal.

C8 ~ Fixed term exclusion. Students can only be excluded from school by the Principal.