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Student Support

All our school systems exist to enable pupils to be the best they can be.

  • We do our utmost to make sure that every child is well known and cared for through our student support system which is structured in Tutor Groups with a Progress Leader who keeps each young person's progress, behaviour and welfare under review.

  • Students are given individual targets for each key stage and parents are kept regularly informed of progress via progress reports, and a Parents' Evening where parents can meet subject teachers.

  • There are well established systems for rewarding and acknowledging pupils who do well and for ensuring that those who do not meet our high expectations, are helped to get back on track. Our calm and well ordered school community with its clear sense of mutual respect, enables children to feel safe and to achieve.

  • Some young people may need additional support in order to make progress and a range of strategies and systems in school ensure that those with particular needs are helped to achieve.

  • Each student is allocated to one of 4 Houses: Derby, Holland, Lathom and Muncaster. Keen but friendly rivalry exists between the Houses and the regular Inter House competitions from Sport, Music, Drama, etc allow much opportunity for paricipation by students.

We attach great importance to our relationship with parents. Regular formal consultation occurs via the pattern of Parents' Evening and progress report system. However, parents are free to request information about their children at any time of the year. We always endeavour to contact parents at the first sign of concern in order to avoid issues developing.

Progress Leader Year
Ms J Harrison (KS3 Senior Progress Leader) 7
Miss E Guy 8
Ms C Kinsella 9
Ms K Hughes  10
Mr J. Kenyon (KS4 Senior Progress Leader) 11
Mrs C. Benbow 12 and 13
Pastoral Support Manager  
Mr M White
Mr M. Pendlebury  
KS5 Mrs C. Benbow