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Resistant Materials

Subject Summary

Resistant Materials! What does that mean? Well, at its core it means working with materials that are difficult to work with such as woods, metals and plastics. However, the subject is about designing products for the real world. It's about taking an idea from the moment of inception to an actual final product that can be used and evaluated.

The reason I love this subject is the incredibly broad skill base that you acquire while you study it. Everything from sketching, technical drawing, 3D modelling and ICT skills are developed as well as those practical skills that are needed to make coffee tables and to be 'handy' around the house. The wide variety of knowledge and skills taught allow Resistant Materials to be one of the most fun and engaging subjects you can study.

Key stage 3

 At Key stage 3 pupils undertake a HUGE range of projects that they design, personalise, make and treasure. We start off in Year 7 with projects and folio work designed to teach safety and workshop practice. Within these projects are the use of cutting edge CADCAM and a mix of traditional skills.
The pupils will use everything from the humble pencil to the science fiction style laser cutter!! Year 8 is a unit of work that pupils love, their words not mine, 100% of projects go home so that to me is a sign of pride. In year 8 there is a focus on quality of product and independence which the pupils really engage with.
At the end of year 8 pupils opt for one of the technologies that they want to do for the entirety of year 9 and then onto GCSE. Resistant Materials is a popular option and I can see why! The projects are as varied as they are brilliant - just a couple of examples are a hand tool exercise to put the pupils dexterity to good use, within which they learn the function of tools that they will later independently chose as ‘the best tool for the job’. In the lead up to Christmas the pupils take full advantage of the departments fantastic CADCAM facilities to create a Christmas ornament that will light up.

Key stage 4 GCSE

 When pupils choose Resistant Materials at KS4 they study a programme designed to make sure they can achieve in their coursework and the examination. No one will tell you it is easy but you will get told it is rewarding! During year 10 pupils study a largely practical course that focuses around the skills the pupils will need when completing their controlled assessment. Throughout both years 10 and 11 pupils will be challenged, rewarded and driven towards achieving.


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