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A Day as Positive as a Proton

Apart from scientific prowess, what do a physicist, a nurse, an engineer, a nutritionist and a biomedical scientist all have in common?
Well, all of them and more were present at the school's ‘What Can Science Do For You?’ event on Monday 6th July in the school's spacious Auditorium.

Year 8 students were thrilled and amazed by the wide range of professions at the science fair and were able to talk freely with the friendly and engaging guests about their scientific interests and careers. The room was filled with the calming sounds of classical music as the students gathered around different tables, listening intently and respectfully to the wide range of guest speakers. One of these speakers, nutritionist Julie Duffy, said she was happy to encourage the students into a scientific job, as she hadn’t been good at it in school, remarking that the students were “really good and had plenty of interesting questions”.

The stimulating event was organised with help from staff in the Science department and involved all aspects of STEM-science, technology, engineering and mathematics- so the interest and thirst for scientific knowledge in every student was satisfied. Tom Barber, a year 8 student, said the event was “really good fun” and he found out plenty of new and interesting information that had inspired him to discover more.

Helping students find a passion for science was the main aim of the event but students were also stimulated by a worksheet that allowed them to find out and fill in the job title, what is involved in the job, the useful school subjects to study for that career and the perks and problems of it. Asking these questions helped the students to communicate well while they participated in the presentations, such as a yeast experiment with a brewer. This hands-on aspect really increased the students’ enthusiasm and admiration for the innovativeness and experience of the guest speakers.
The day opened the students’ eyes to the exciting prospects science can offer and provided them with a day of fun and learning they won’t soon forget.
By Charlotte Hibbert