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Y11 Level 2 Further Maths qualification

Just over thirty students (with a flair for Mathematics) in Year 11 have been completing an additional GCSE qualification after school with Mr Chalabi this year called the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics. This GCSE is designed to stretch students who are likely to comfortably attain the highest grades in their Mathematics GCSE i.e. A or A* and bridges the gap between GCSE and A-level Mathematics. It’s unique as students can achieve the coveted grade A^ (A* with distinction).

Completing this qualification after school has required commitment, determination, dedication and lots of hard work especially after a long day at school! Impressively almost every student attended every lesson since they started back in June of Year 10. Students have studied a wide range of new topics ranging from the Factor Theorem to trigonometric equations with identities.

Reasons why current students chose to study this qualification include:

“To challenge myself as I enjoy maths and to get an extra GCSE, as I am doing maths and possibly further maths for A level therefore this will give me a head start.”

“I decided to study further maths due the fact that it will get me an extra GCSE so set me apart from other pupils. Also it will be useful for if I take maths next year at A-level. It helps with my normal maths and links in parts.”

“I felt like this would benefit me as it would help with GCSE maths and A-Level Maths when it comes to it, also as it looks good on a CV and Personal Statement in the future.”

The department introduced this GCSE in 2012 and it has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. In 2015, an impressive 81% of students achieved the highest grades (A^, A* and A) when nationally only 53% did so. Past students have valued the head-start this qualification provides when studying A-level Mathematics. 

The current 2016 cohort completed their final examination for this qualification last week and are now awaiting their results in August. The department look forward to another set of excellent results.
A huge thank you goes to Mr Chalabi who has given up his own time to work with these talented students, I know they are very grateful.