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Year 9 Options

It might seem like no time at all since your child first set foot in secondary school and yet here they are in Year 9 having to select their GCSE options already. If it feels dauntingly grown-up and just plain old daunting, you can help them make the right choices with our guide.

It’s also important to make sure your child’s choices aren’t unduly influenced by friends - of course it’s nice to be in the same class, but your child is going to be the one doing studying (and complaining to you if they realise it was a poor subject choice too late). Also,make sure they are not opting out of a subject purely because they don’t like their current teacher - they may well have a dynamic, inspirational teacher the following year.

In summary:

- Think about their future study or career plans: is there a subject they are sure they want to do at A-level or college that they need to continue with now at GCSE?

- Consider what they enjoy and are good at.

- Seek their teachers’ advice on which subjects will play to their strengths.

- Balance quality and quantity - too many GCSEs might mean lower grades.