Drugs Policy

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We live in a society where drugs, legal and illegal, are a part of everyday life. Our students
therefore need to be given the knowledge to form sound judgements and make informed,
responsible decisions and the skills to be able to respond to the challenge posed by drugs in their
lives now and in the future.


  • To inform students about drugs, legal and illegal and the consequences of using and misusing
    these substances.
  • To equip students with the necessary skills of assertiveness and responsible decision making.
  • To shape attitudes within the legal framework of society today.
  • To work in partnership with parents and the wider community.
  • To keep all staff, students and parents informed of current issues.
  • To recognise the need for and to deliver an element of ‘harm reduction’ education.
  • To establish clear procedures for responding to the misuse of drugs on the school site.
  • To nurture a safe, healthy learning environment.


  • All students are entitled to and will receive a programme of Drugs Education within P.S.H.E.
  • There will be additional curriculum enrichment activities such as appropriate
  • We will be flexible enough to respond to any specific current issues so that students can be
    made aware promptly via tutors, P.S.H. E. lessons, assemblies.
  • Regular updates from the L.A. Adviser, responsible for Drugs Education, will ensure staff,
    students and parents are well informed.
  • All instances of the misuse of substances will be dealt with by the Principal in a sequential
    escalating scale of sanctions as agreed by the St Helens Association of Secondary Heads.
  • Students who are known to be involved in misusing drugs will be offered the appropriate
    advice, guidance and counselling and where necessary encouraged to seek the help of
    professional agencies.


By practising the Drugs Policy the school will both raise awareness and increase the ability of its
students to understand and manage their response to drugs in society.