Equality and Diversity Action Plan

Priorities and Actions for November 2017 to December 2018

1. Review Equality PolicyReview current policy and redraft to ensure it meets requirements of current legislation.Vice Principal and PrincipalNew Policy to be in place for January 2018
2. Raise awareness and understanding of the Equality Policy, and the Equality Act, and how it impacts on school life.1. Governor update on Equality Act.
2. Whole staff updates on Equality Act.
3. Assemblies for all students, Y7 – Y11 to raise awareness of the Equality Act and Policy.
4. Training for interested parents on Equality Act and Policy.
Vice Principal/LA Equality LeadFeb 2018
Feb 2018
February/March 2018
March 2018
3. New/ re-drafted key policies will be Equality Impact Assessed to ensure they are compliant with the Equality Act.Following the adoption of the re-drafted Equality Policy all future Key Policies will be assessed to ensure they are compliant with the Equalities Act.Vice Principal/GovernorsJanuary 2017 Onwards.
4. Promoting Equality in SchoolTargeted drop-down days with Key Stage 4 students promoting Respect, equality and Diversity.H Dack (Head of RE)Autumn Term 2017/18 and 2018/19