Homework Policy

“Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education”.
1999 White Paper, Excellence In Schools.

Homework is any work or activity students are asked to do outside lesson time. It is an important element of raising student achievement.

Homework is usually done at home, but for some students who find it hard to work at home, or for some tasks that may require resources (books, software, equipment) more readily available in school, it may be more beneficial to carry out the task at school.

The purpose of homework

  • To consolidate, extend and enrich work covered in class or prepare for new learning activities
  • To develop research and enquiry skills
  • To develop independent learning
  • To show progress and understanding
  • To enhance study skills/PLTS (Planning, Time Management and Self-Discipline)
  • To take ownership and responsibility for learning
  • To engage parental co-operation and support
  • To create channels for home-school dialogue.
  • The amount of homework

The school does not have a fixed homework timetable with fixed times allocated for different subjects on different evenings. Students will need to manage their time so that they do some homework each evening. Teachers will not set homework to be completed the next day. The time devoted to homework increases as the student progresses through the school.


Homework Tasks

These are many and varied, including:

  • Independent learning/research/reading
  • Practice – learning by doing
  • Interviews
  • Collecting
  • Drawing/Designing
  • Recording
  • Completion of coursework assignments
  • Past examination questions
  • Guided revision tasks
  • Learning Log
  • Consolidation of work in class

Homework will be differentiated so that it is appropriate to the age and ability of the student. Wherever possible, it should be personalised to meet the needs of the student.
Homework will be set on Show My Homework.