Mobile Phone and Other Electronic Devices Policy

There exists some concern about the possibilities of disruption to lessons caused by the use of mobile telephones and other electronic equipment in school. Telephones with the capability to take photographs and digital cameras themselves can be misused so as to infringe the right to personal privacy. The possession of mobile telephones and other types of electronic equipment can jeopardise candidates’ positions in public examinations.

All Examination Boards threaten disqualification from all subjects for students found with any electronic equipment in an examination. Student use of social media is often negative and leads to friendship conflict and potentially bullying.

Mobile Telephones

As a consequence of the issues raised above:

  • Mobile telephones must not be used or be visible during the school day unless a
    member of staff gives permission.
  • Students will be allowed to use mobile telephones before 8.45pm and after
  • Videos or voice recordings are not to be taken on School premises by students without
    permission. This means that no photographs or videos can be taken with mobile
    telephones at any time either inside or outside of the building, unless instructed to
    by a member of staff.
  • Students cannot listen to music on phones during the school day.
  • We accept that there will be times when parents feel it is desirable for their children
    to contact them or be contactable by them. If parents wish to contact students
    during the school day, they should telephone the school and a message will be
    sent to the child. If students wish to contact parents, they should seek permission
    from a member of staff before doing so.
  • Mobile telephones used or seen during the school day without permission will be
    confiscated. The first time the phone is confiscated, it will be returned at the end of
    the day. Further confiscations will need parents to collect the device.

Personal music devices and other electronic equipment

Problems arise in connection to personal music devices. Some students listen to these inappropriately, for example during lessons. Many of these devices are very expensive and provide a temptation to some students or are easily lost. As a consequence:

  • We advise students not to bring personal music devices or other electronic equipment, which is expensive to school.
  • Students must not use personal music devices in lessons or moving between lessons.
  • Such devices will be confiscated if they are visible to a member of staff during lessons or lesson changeover.

Digital Cameras

Students must have the permission of a teacher to take images in school. With digital cameras the possibility of images being doctored or posted on the internet is an additional concern. Digital cameras also tend to be expensive and there are issues relating to security. As a consequence:

  • Students should not have digital cameras in school unless at the direct request of a teacher. There are digital cameras in school for use in lessons and projects.
  • Any unauthorised digital camera which is visible to a member of staff will be confiscated.