Year 7 Catch-up Grant

What is the Year 7 Catch Up Grant?

The Department for Education provides additional funding to secondary schools for those
students who join in Year 7 not having achieved at least expected progress in Reading and/or
Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2). This money is allocated by schools to
provideinterventions which will help those students catch up in English and Maths with their

In 2016-17 the grant received to Rainford High School School totalled £7,513

At Rainford we strive to ensure that all students make the best possible progress that they can.
To support this progress and to rapidly close any existing gaps for Key Stage 3 we have deployed
a range of strategies:

Specialist Literacy / Numeracy Assistants

HLTA’s have been employed in English and Maths to support catch up students during
curriculum time. The specialist progress assistants work in close collaboration with the
classroom teacher to support and promote the progress of the students identified as below the
expected standard.

In both English and Maths the Specialist Literacy / Numeracy Assistants organise and implement
targeted interventions for students at Key Stage 3 who are at risk of not making expected

In Literacy, Multi-sensory structured programme to aid lower level readers. This will include
many different programs and approaches we use a number of different resources and
intervention packages depending on the students difficulties (IDL, Deat dyslexia, Nessy, Read
wrte ink, PAT, The Hickey Multisensory Language Programme) focuses on key literacy skills over
a series of sessions to enhance the student’s capacity to access more challenging reading
material and to support the development of inference and comprehension skills.

In Maths, the maths mastery intervention package is delivered to students who are not making
the required progress and pupils access this throughout the whole year for 50 mins per week.
For students who need 1:1 intervention the catch up numeracy plan is followed 3 15 minute
sessions 1:1 per week.

Support resources are sent home for parents so they can support students with their development and parents are also invited to discuss the progress of interventions at a termly drop in session.

During the year of 2016-17

12 students came in below expected in Maths
9 on Maths mastery intervention
3 on Catch up numeracy By the end of the july 2017 in Maths – 5 students working at expected 7 students working towards
24 students came in below expected in English
Increased reading age for these students on average was 2 years by the end of July 2017

By the end of the July 2017 in English – 1 student working above, 14 students working at expected 9 students working towards

9 students were below expected on entry in both Maths and English (These students put in to EXCEL for a differentiated curriculum)

Catch Up Interventions

In additional to high quality teaching within the classroom and units of study specifically designed in collaboration with primary colleagues to support closing any potential gaps from KS2; intervention programmes are delivered by specialist English and Maths teachers to target individual students with identified areas for development.

In Maths, students complete a series of 6 sessions whilst being withdrawn from lessons (Once a week.) this is reviewed every half term to see if the intervention is having impact. These sessions focus on key through the Maths mastery program, baseline testing is done through the Maths mastery assessment. Classroom teachers are also informed of the progress to ensure that the sessions are reinforced by what is being delivered in the unit of study.

In English/Literacy, students complete a series of 6 sessions whilst being withdrawn from lesson/form this is reviewed every half term to see if the intervention is having impact. These interventions can be delivered in small groups or one to one. These interventions may take a different focus depending on need (E.G. gramma, word reading, reading comprehension, spelling, phonological awareness, English interventions, handwriting) focus of these sessions to ensure students have a confident grasp on how to approach any written and reading task across the curriculum.

As a result of these interventions, combined with high quality teaching and learning, these students are on target to secure good progress at KS3.

Transition work from Year 6

We have an excellent cohesive working relationship with our primary feeder schools and therefore we endeavour to begin the transition for our students as soon as we can. In Year 6 identified students are invited to 3 extra transition and parents are also invited to an afternoon tea to discuss any concerns they may have about extra support their child may need.

This allows the students and parents to build relationships with key staff and department areas in the summer of year 6 and also enables the teachers to begin delivering intervention material to maintain progress and attempt to avoid a dip in learning over the summer holiday. This transition is also supported by a five day summer school in August for these students with a huge focus on English and Maths skills.


Guidance from the DfE states funding will be allocated on the same basis that schools receive the same overall amount of Year 7 catch up premium as the previous year therefore as a school we are committed to continuing with these strategies throughout the 2017/2018 academic year.