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‘The Arts are not outpourings of emotion but disciplined forms of enquiry with which to organise feelings and ideas about experiences.’
Gulbenkian report into the Arts in schools.

Principles of Good Practice

The curriculum at Rainford is underpinned by the series of principles which inform the work and activities of the department at all times and provide a base for the art department policy statement.

The principles work to provide a holistic art education engaging pupils currently as well as equipping them for future roles.

  • Engagement with original works of art, craft and design. Access layers of meaning/understanding that art works possess.
  • Engagement with the process of art, craft and design. Develop understanding/knowledge through the working process of other artists, via visiting artists in the studio/artists in residence scheme.
  • First hand experience.
  • Drawing from life. Imagination dependent upon observation, sketchbooks to record/analyse/report.
  • First hand experiences help express ideas and feelings and stimulates work which expresses something of the individual. Secondary source materials has a limited use within this department.
  • Contextualisation. Helps to make connections between own work, original work and art and artists from other times and cultures.
  • Partnership. Working together includes parents, community, specialist artists and gallery staff.
  • Personal response. Work undertaken will be planned in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding, and the learning experiences which will cover them, but the responses of pupils to those experiences will necessarily be different. Within the confines of studio organisation all students will be expected to pursue independent study.

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