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The English Faculty aims to:

  • enable students to read critically and for enjoyment
  • develop students’ abilities to express themselves effectively through writing for different audiences in various forms
  • encourage students to speak confidently in a range of contexts and listen attentively in order to respond appropriately

English at Key Stage 3

In Year 7, students follow Schemes for Learning which include:
poetry, non-fiction writing, short stories, a novel and a study of writers through the ages.

In Year 8, they study Pre-1914 Literature, a novel, soap operas and drama through the ages, ballads and a play.

In Year 9, students study a Shakespeare play, different forms of non-fiction writing, and reading for meaning. In addition to this, they study a novel and poetry.

English at Key Stage 4

Students follow the WJEC syllabus in GCSE English or GCSE English Language and English Literature.


We offer English Language and English Literature at AS and A2 level. These both follow the AQA B Syllabus.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Faculty is involved in a number of extra-curricular activities which include a bi-annual Book Fair in the library, the production of a school newspaper and in-house College newspaper, theatre visits and wider reading book clubs.