Religious Education

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Why study Religious Education?

Religion has always been with us, throughout History, it has expressed the deepest questions human beings can ask, and it has taken a central place in the lives of virtually all civilizations and cultures. As we think all the way back to the dawn of human consciousness, we find religion everywhere we turn.’

At Rainford High Technology College we explore a broad range of various religious aspects including beliefs and practices of specific religion. We also investigate moral and ethical issues.
Our aim is to engage, inspire and educate our students within thought provoking and challenging lessons which enable them to discuss and justify opinions, analyse beliefs, and think ‘outside of the box’.

Religious Education at KS3

(All students receive x1 hour lessons per week.)
In Year 7, students follow Schemes for Learning which includes: Puzzling questions, World Religion, Abraham and Moses and a study of the religion of Judaism.

In Year 8, students explore the theme of Inspiration completing project work focusing on a Religious Inspiration figures. Jesus as an inspirational figure is studied in depth. Finally, within our last term we explore the religion of Islam.

In Year 9, students complete a Year of study focusing on Religion and the Modern world. This includes a study of the impact of religion within the following themes, sport, film, TV, fashion and the celebrity culture. This scheme of Learning also explores several World Religions within the main themes of the lessons.

Religious Education at KS4 – RED DAY (Religious Experience Days)

All students in Years 10 and 11 participate in 5 days within KS4, focused on Religious Experience. These have been called RED DAYS. Students Learn through experience and some of our most recent events have included:

Learning about the Holocaust – Students completed x4 workshops focused on the Holocaust. This was followed by meeting a Holocaust survivor and completing a question and answer session.

MD Productions – A bespoke company using street dance, body art and expression to teach about Equality and Diversity.

Philosophy and Ethics Day – A range of workshops focused on Ethical issues including Life Charity (Abortion) , Animal Aid (Cruelty to Animals) and Radio City (Ethical issues surrounding Alcohol and Drugs).

Religious Education at GCSE

All students follow a Religious Studies specification.

There are x2 unit which students complete:

Unit 1 Students explore topics including Abortion, Euthanasia, arguments for and against the belief in a God, Racism and Religion and the Media from a Christian perspective.
Unit2 Examined from a Islamic perspective. Students explore topics including: War and Peace, Capital Punishment, Voting and Democracy (an annual trip to The House of Parliament is available for students to attend.) and the Environment.

Students also study the religions of Christianity and Islam.

Religious Education at KS5

We are a popular subject at A level and deliver a Philosophy and Ethics Specification.
Subjects explored include Reasons for and Against a God, Environmental Ethics, Life after Death and modern day ethical Issues.


The enrichment opportunities in Religious Education are wide and varied. Here are just a few of the opportunities students at Rainford have experienced recently:

  • For GCSE and A Level students a day trip to the House of Parliament including a workshop exploring the topic of ‘The Importance of Voting’.
  • A guest speaker from the charitable organization ‘Life’ visited school to discuss the topic of Abortion with all Core RE pupils.
  • Our Local MP Dave Watts visited all GCSE and ALEVEL students and conducted a ‘Question Time’ session.

In the past 2 years all GCSE and ALevel students have had the opportunity to meet a Holocaust Survivor.