Easter Term Letter from Mr. Young

Dear Parent/Carer

Thank you for your support over the last term. Once again it has been a busy and productive term across the school. For those students preparing for public examinations, we have entered the final push and we trust that all Year 11 and Year 13 students will balance their time wisely between revision and relaxation over the Spring break.

As a school we try to drive our ethos throughout school life and we have been fortunate to be involved in a BBC documentary about ADHD and the innovative way we support and care for students with this condition. We have seen Ben Lomas, one of our Y9 students, be elected as one of the representatives for St Helens Youth Parliament and we are very proud that he is playing a part as a proactive and influential member of our school and wider community.

As part of our drive to develop greater community spirit and responsibility, we are adding a new sanction for students who damage or disrupt our community. Students that fall significantly below our expectations will make a public apology to the school in assemblies.  This will be for incidents such as setting off the school fire alarm or causing a major disruption during social time that is unacceptable to the principles of our school community. I ask for Parent / Carer support with this approach because we want to reinforce our young people’s responsibility to the community where they learn and work together.

Alongside this request can I ask that parents work with the school to encourage students not to drop litter or chewing gum in our local community that has both a financial and environmental cost to us all.

A number of parents have expressed concerns at the way the school’s visitor car par at at the front of the building is used.  Please may I take this opportunity to remind parents this car park is for visitors to the school and the parents of our disabled students only.  I trust you will support us in not only keeping the car park available for these students but also as a safe place for our students; too often it is the adults who are failing to support the school ethos of Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds when it comes to dropping off our students in the morning.

We are delighted to note that the road works at Windle Island are on schedule to be completed by the end of April.  At this point, we will be taking a more rigorous approach to lateness in a morning as there will be no excuse available to any of our students.

As we approach Easter, we have again taken part in a significant number of charitable activities including Comic Relief, fundraising for St Vincent’s school for the blind and our own Easter Challenge where aim to collect 1000 Easter eggs and raise £500 for local charities. The students continue to work hard to support each other and contribute to our vibrant community which was once again on display at the school production of ‘Oliver’, which was a sell out on all four nights as well as being performed to Year 8 students as part of our enrichment drive. We have also enjoyed the Brazilian Dance Workshop for our Y10 Performing Arts cohort who have engaged with this fully and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

There have also been students working hard and achieving success in a variety of areas. Students have achieved success in the field of STEM by being successful in the Year 8 Merseyside Robotic challenge as well as being recognised at the Year 9 Unilever Challenge. There has also been considerable sporting success with the Year 8 boys Rugby League team reaching the North West Final and the Y8 girls Badminton team winning the Merseyside Championship.  We have also had students achieve success in the UKMT Maths challenge, as well as group of Year 8 students who have been taking part in French language activities throughout this half term.

We hope you all have a positive and uplifting Spring break with those approaching the public examinations using the time as wisely as possible. As a school we strive to live our vision of Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds. Thank you for supporting us in trying to achieve this for our community.

Yours sincerely

Mr Ian Young