End of Year Letter from Mr. Young

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you are looking forward to the summer holidays and the opportunity for family time. We hope our students have a restful summer break before returning to school in September.

There have been many successes over the course of the academic year and we are looking forward to two strong sets of results in the summer. The school continues to offer a broad range of curricular and extra curricular activities in sport, the Arts as well as Duke of Edinburgh and a whole host of opportunities and experiences.

We are looking forward to the new year as we have some changes we feel will support the school in improving further over the next twelve months.

I am delighted to welcome Ian Murphy to the school as new Vice Principal. Myself and the Trustees are delighted to add his skills and experience to the Rainford High team. Ms Amanda Shaw is the new Director of Learning for Science and Mr Neil Brown joins Rainford High from Range High School to be our new Director of Learning for Maths. From September we have a full complement of teaching staff and we are excited about the new additions to the Rainford High team. We will also welcome a number of staff back from maternity leave. I have attached a profile of the Senior Leadership team and other key staff to the reverse of this letter.

The main changes you as parents need to be aware of are the changes to the timetable which will be a 25 period week of one hour lessons. We have a 20 minute break at 11.10am and our lunchtime will now begin at 1.30pm. We are recommending that all students bring a snack or have the opportunity to buy a snack in the canteen during the extended break time to support them in managing with the later lunchtime. The reason for the change to the school day is to maximise learning time, reduce movement between lessons and have a shorter learning time in the afternoon. We would welcome your support and feedback as to how the system is operating during the first term so we can monitor the effectiveness of these changes.

We will continue our policy on mobile phones not being on or in use during the school day and would remind parents about the need for proper school shoes that are black and have no canvas or excessive buckles. Our school uniform policy is clear and students wear it with pride. The expectations of our community are clearly laid out in the school ethos:

Everyone Matters- We expect our community to be polite and respectful

Everyone Helps- We expect our community to make sensible choices

Everyone Succeeds- We expect our community to work hard

The Academisation of Rainford High has allowed us to introduce a 7 INSET day model and this will allow the Rainford High team to develop and reflect on practice in a more effective way, therefore support all our students in making the best progress possible.

In continuing to develop our practice, from September 2018 Key Stage 3 students will not have an end of Key Stage 4 target shared with them as we believe this is limiting expectations for many students and creating a glass ceiling. We will continue to share KS4 and 5 targets with students but will improve our work explaining to students where these targets come from and what the expectation is both within school and nationally to ensure all students achieve well.

At Key Stage 3 parents and students will notice a change to the structure of our approach to homework. We will be giving students knowledge organisers for all KS3 units of work that contain everything they need to know factually to be successful. We will be setting two pieces of homework a half term designed to develop the ability to learn content and revise as this is key requirement to be successful at GCSE and A level.

We will be focusing on the technique of self quizzing in year one and I have attached a guide for parents and students.

We will continue to develop the whole person so that our students will develop and leave Rainford ready to contribute to the wider world. I would like to wish you all a happy and restful summer break and look forward to seeing everyone safe and ready to work hard in September.

Yours sincerely

Mr Ian Young




Senior Leadership Team and Key Staff

 Principal  Mr I Young

 Vice Principal: Mr I Murphy
Responsible for School Improvement and Progress

 Assistant Principal: Miss M Winn
Teaching and Learning

 Assistant Principal:  Mr J Kenyon
Character and Culture including Behaviour and Attendance

Director of Business and Finance:  Miss A Marsh

 Director of Special Educational Needs:  Miss J Burgess

 Director of Curriculum Literacy and Assessment: Mrs S Wheelock

Director of Safeguarding:  Mr T Rigby
Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Director of Learning for English:  Mr M Wainwright

 Director of Learning for Mathematical Learning:  Mr N Brown

 Director of Learning for Science: Mrs A Shaw

 Director of Sixth Form: Mrs C Benbow


Self-Quizzing: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Read and memorise the section. Read and re-read the section, say it out loud if necessary, until you are confident enough to use your practice book to write it down. For 20 minutes, actively memorise the knowledge until you are not getting it wrong.
  2. Cover it up, and write it out. Close your knowledge organiser or cover up the section, and to try to recall the knowledge. Write out the section from memory in one colour.
  3. Check it and correct any mistakes. Open your knowledge organiser and look at the answers – tick the ones you got right and correct the ones you got wrong in a green pen. Do the ones you got wrong again, until you get them right. You can use a different coloured pen to make them more memorable and stand out.