May/June Remote Learning Plan for Parents

Dear Parents/Carers

 Re: May – June Remote Learning Update

As we did last month, we wanted to keep you up to date with our thinking in school regarding the curriculum and the work we are undertaking to ensure a supportive and consistent offer is maintained in the weeks commencing 18th May, 1st June and 8th June.

Our teachers will continue to be guided by the principles of consolidating previous learning while introducing new content carefully, with the focus being on ensuring students can access the work whatever their home or personal circumstances. Our 3 week plans should ensure students have an appropriate amount of ‘core’ work to complete with the additional opportunity to undertake some extension work – often reading or research based – so we can maintain students’ academic progress.

We have also recognised that introducing new content, skills or knowledge may present additional pressure or anxiety without direct input from teachers, and so we will focus on revisiting and consolidating prior learning at this time, with assessments simplified to enable students to check understanding periodically. The exceptions will be in Y10 and Y12 where students are mid-way through 2 year programmes of study. Any new content here, however, has been chosen carefully with the difficulties of working remotely in mind, and can be revisited with teachers once school is reopened. School is in the process of coordinating and consulting on the reopening proposal.

We would ask you to note the points below:

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12

  • Work will be organised into 3 week sections, so students have some flexibility in how they approach tasks, depending on their personal circumstances.
  • Work from English, Maths and Science will be posted typically on Show My Homework on Monday, with simple instructions to help students and families access it. Other subjects will post instructions every 2 or 3 week on Tuesdays, so teachers, students and families are not overwhelmed in managing information regarding work completion.
  • Where work has not been completed, teachers will notify students by email and copy parents into a follow up email if there is still no response. Further concerns will then be forwarded to Learning Leaders so they have an overview of each students’ engagement and can address this sensitively with families on a case by case basis. 

Years 11 and 13

  • School wrote to parents before Easter to advise them of the Government’s initial guidance regarding the awarding of grades this summer, and we are continuing the process of collating the necessary information at this time.
  • Staff will cease setting work for Y11 and Y13 on May 22nd.
  • For Y11 students that have expressed a desire to return to Rainford 6th Form, subjects have created Google Classrooms and bridging units designed to supports students’ transition to A- Level study. They will be invited to these classrooms from 1st June, and we would encourage students to undertake the work set there to maintain and develop strong academic habits in preparation for their return to school. We will not challenge work that is not completed, but will recognise and feedback on work that is submitted. Above all, we want to ensure students feel supported in this transition at this time.
  • For identified Y11 and Y13 students, school will maintain regular support and wellbeing contact into the summer.

Given the points above, across the next 3 week Programme of Study, departments will set work to the notional equivalents detailed below:

To download the full curriculum plan please click the link: May-June Curriculum Plan

Should you have any concerns or queries, please contact us at school through the school website or at

Please stay safe –

Best wishes –

Rainford High School