Conway Centre Art Weekend

At the start of the February half term break, our GCSE Fine Art students spent a weekend at the Conway Centre on Anglesey involved in art workshops with students from a number of different schools.  

Students were given the opportunity to develop their practical work and subject knowledge in Drawing, Painting and Three-Dimensional work. Students used both contemporary and traditional techniques to make artefacts and creative pieces of work.

They explored a wide range of different materials and techniques – from expressive drawing, printing, painting, and 3D sculpture. Critical and contextual artist references were used to focus activities and ideas and all students were encouraged and supported to produce high quality individual work by national recognised subject specialists and artists.

All the students worked hard, and they embraced the new challenges.  We are incredibly proud of the work the students produced and look forward to seeing them develop and grow as artists. 

We can’t wait for our next trip, will you join this exciting trip next year?