Remembrance Memorial Wall

We had a  a visit from Chris Lamb, Rainford Village Councillor, yesterday to see our memorial wall in the Library for Remembrance. Students from the School Council joined Mr Lamb to look through the pictures and information in the display.
We had asked the Council for the local Roll of Honour, as we wanted our display this year to include a focus on the individuals on the list, so that students could connect to the people themselves.
We were able to find some pictures and addresses from a specialised St Helens website, and included the images and details of just a few of the names of our local heroes.
Students were asked to look at the names to see if their own surnames appeared, or that of someone they knew and write a note of thanks or remembrance on a cross to add to the display.
We had a lovely response from students and encouraged them to think about the lives of those in our community who fell.