Year 7 Assessments

28th May 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find below some key information to help you support your child in their impending assessments.

Your child will undertake coordinated assessments in all subjects in their second Assessment Window from Monday 14th June – Friday 2nd July. The results of these assessments, together with the teacher assessed grade, and an outline of areas for improvement or development, will be reported home the w/c Monday 12th July.

Please find below an overview of revision for each subject. Please encourage your child to complete any revision tasks set by their class teacher on Show My Homework. Your child should also use their Knowledge Organisers to revise.

SubjectTopics to revise
Art /
Design & Technology
Sea Creatures Project/ Pop Art Project- Knowledge Organiser   Students should revise using the relevant Knowledge Organiser from their current unit and review the materials, techniques and processes involved in their design and practical work. RM: Reminder, Desk Tidy; Food: Scones, Chicken curry, Top tasty tart, Spaghetti bolognaise, Chicken chilli cous cous, Chocolate Muffins; Graphics: Maze game, Pin badges; Textiles: Monster Toy  
Computer ScienceStudents will need to have knowledge of esafety and how to stay safe online, computer systems and how data is input and output from these systems. Students will need to be able to convert between binary and denary.

Students need to know what the CPU, Memory and other parts of the computer.

All content is covered on the 7.1 Knowledge Organiser.  
DramaFinal two knowledge organiser test on The Greeks and Improvisation.  
EnglishStudents will be studying the novel The Graveyard Book as part of their study of a modern text. The assessment will test students’ reading and comprehension skills, as well as the ability to make inferences from quotations, and language analysis. Students will be provided with an extract and will be expected to incorporate these skills into their responses about the text. Students should therefore practice their reading skills and their ability to make inferences and analyse a text. Revision of knowledge organiser will support students in their understanding of the novel.  
GeographyThe assessment will focus on the content covered during the academic year.  This will include the processes that shape the surface of the world such as weathering and erosion and landforms such as waterfalls and meanders and coastal landforms such as caves, arches, stacks and stumps.  Students should also revise Africa, including, misconceptions, the different climates and biomes on Africa and the impacts of tourism in Africa.  
HistoryStudents need to revise the key causes of the English Civil War focusing on the short and long term causes for the conflict (Charles I, economic and social reasons).  There will also be a source analysis piece assessing the Spanish Armada.  Students will need to know the events of the Armada and the reasons why the English were successful. They also need to review how to answer source questions (MAP – meaning, agree knowledge and provenance). Students also need to review the Tudor family from Henry VII onwards.  
MathsFractions and percentages of amounts, operations or equations with directed numbers, addition and subtraction of fractions, constructing measuring and using geometric notation, geometric reasoning, developing number sense,.  
MFL (Spanish)Frequency words, free time activities and sports, daily routine verbs, QUACNOT (Qualifiers, Adjectives, Conjunctions, Negatives, Opinions and Time Phrases), name, age, birthday, numbers 1-31, places in town, activities you can do in town, juicy bits  
MusicPerformance on keyboard following pitch and rhythm notation either on own or as part of a pair. Written task around key vocabulary and rhythm/pitch notation  
REStudents need to review Judaism with a key focus on the significance of the Torah, different denominations (e..g Orthodox, reform), the Sabbath, synagogue and festivals like Passover.  
ScienceDepending on the science topic the class is working through, the assessment will involve either:
Biology- Reproduction
This includes the male & female reproductive organs, fertilisation, puberty, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth, flower structure, pollination & seed dispersal.
Chemistry- Materials This includes metals & acids, the reactivity series, displacement reactions, carbon in the reactivity series, recycling, mining, ceramics & composites, polymers and nanoparticles.
Physics- Space This includes our solar system, the wider universe, gravity, Earth & seasons, the Moon and eclipses, asteroids, life cycle of a star, alien life and the origin and fate of the universe.

Students should use knowledge organisers and lesson resources on google classroom to help with their revision.  

This assessment window will provide an opportunity for teachers and students to review learning and progress, and any support you can provide in line with the school’s provision will be highly beneficial. If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s subject teacher. Information on each department, including staff contact details and a termly overview of topics taught per subject, can be found on our website:

If you have any queries regarding your child’s progress in general, please contact your child’s Learning Leader, Mr O’Connor (r.oconnor or Pastoral Leader, Mrs McCartney (

Yours faithfully,

M Winn

Miss M Winn

Assistant Principal Quality Assurance and KS3 Assessment.