Year 9 Assessments

28th May 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find below some key information to help you support your child in their impending assessments.

Your child will undertake coordinated assessments in all subjects in their third Assessment Window from Monday 14th June – Friday 2nd July. The results of these assessments, together with the teacher assessed grade, and an outline of areas for improvement or development, will be reported home the w/c Monday 12th July.

Please find below an overview of revision for each subject. Please encourage your child to complete any revision tasks set by their class teacher on Show My Homework. Your child should also use their Knowledge Organisers to revise.

SubjectTopics to revise
Art /
Design & Technology
Y9 Distorted Portraits & Identity project- Knowledge Organiser   Students should revise using the relevant Knowledge Organiser from their current unit and review the materials, techniques and processes involved in their design and practical work. RM: Keepsake box; Food: Jam tarts, Quiche, Bakewell, Swiss roll, Vegetable lasagne, Calzones; Graphics: Designer Clock; Textiles: Cushion.  
Computer ScienceStudents will need to have knowledge of previously covered topics such as esafety and the dangers online. They will need to understand how a computer works and how data is input and output from the computer system. Students should be able to identify different network topologies and describe how they will work and their advantages and disadvantages. Students will need to be able to identify different logic gates and be able to complete truth tables to accompany these.  
DramaKnowledge organiser test on the final two- Stage combat and Special effects make up – Stage combat scene where own choreography has been created to a script  
EnglishStudents to revise the knowledge organiser for the A Midsummer Night’s Dream SOW. The assessment will be a piece of speech writing. Students will be writing a speech in the style of one of the characters from AMND. They should revise different elements of speech writing: correct use of tone; persuasive methods (facts, opinions, emotive language); linguistic devices; varied punctuation and sophisticated vocab.  
GeographyStudents should revise the content studied during Year 9 including Dark Tourism and Human Rights.  For Dark Tourism, students should revise the issues related to Holocaust Tourism and 9/11 as well as Prison Tourism.  For Human Rights, students should revise what human rights are and why they are protected, gender equality, human rights issues related to HIV and AIDS and LGBTQ.  They may also want to look at how human rights abuses may be the cause of conflict and the impact of conflict on people.  
HistoryStudents need to revise how immigrants were treated in 1920s USA with a focus on motivations for moving to America and cultural attitudes. They need to review the positive and negative impacts of the boom and the impact on the American economy. Students also need to look at how women’s lives changed/remained the same.  There will be an 8 mark interpretation question (which is most convincing) and an 8 mark explain question alongside knowledge of the economic boom and entertainment  
MathsPlease see Rainford Connect for more detail of what content will be tested.                                       Higher tier (9R1, R2, R3, H1, H2 and H3) Revise up to the end of GM3. Pythagoras’ Theorem Foundation tier (9R4, R5, H4 and H5): Revise up to the end of GM5. Measures.  
MFL (Spanish)Opinions on school subjects and what you’d like to study in the future, types of TV programmes and films and adjectives related to these to express justified opinions, uses of social media and advantages and disadvantages of social media, healthy and unhealthy habits and what you must/must not do to lead to a healthy lifestyle, what you used to like to eat when you were little.  
MusicComposition of music for film focusing on the horror genre. Compositions on keyboard and or BandLab , Written assessment on key vocabulary and understanding of musical elements.  
REStudents need to review the HT4 topic: The Holocaust with a focus on the causes, interpretations of the Holocaust, the legacy of the Holocaust and how religious faith can impact and prevent things like this occurring again.  
ScienceDepending on the science topic the class is working through, the assessment will involve either:
Biology- Cell biology part 2
This includes diffusion, surface are: volume ratio, exchange surfaces, osmosis, active transport, mitosis.
Chemistry- Atomic structure & the periodic table part 2 This includes the periodic table, development of the periodic table, metals & non-metals, Group 0- The Noble gases, Group 1 – The Alkali metals, Group 7- The Halogens, displacement of Halogens and Transistion metals .
Physics- Energy part 2 This includes power, energy efficiency, thermal conductivity, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, renewable energy (wind, solar, biofuel, hydro-electric, tidal, geothermal)

Students should use knowledge organisers and lesson resources on google classroom to help with their revision.  


This assessment window will provide an opportunity for teachers and students to review learning and progress, and any support you can provide in line with the school’s provision will be highly beneficial. If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s subject teacher. Information on each department, including staff contact details and a termly overview of topics taught per subject, can be found on our website:

If you have any queries regarding your child’s progress in general, please contact your child’s Learning Leader, Mr Stow ( or Pastoral Leader, Mrs Sheedy (

Yours faithfully,

M Winn

Miss M Winn

Assistant Principal Quality Assurance and KS3 Assessment.