Economics A-Level

Careers related to Econimics:

There are numerous career opportunities available to a person with qualifications in Economics. Once completed this course will lead onto a degree Level qualification in Economics with careers as diverse as Chartered Accountant, Data Analyst, Forensic Accountant and Economist.
You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to understand and analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions.
You will also build upon your quantitative skills and appreciate that, when evaluating arguments, both qualitative and quantitative evidence are important.

Methods of study:

There are four lessons per week with your subject specialist teacher and one supervised study session. Teaching groups tend to be between ten and twelve in number, and the course is taught through a range of teaching and learning strategies. These strategies include group discussion (whole group, small group and pairs) you will also be expected to analyse data and draw conclusions from your analysis. You will also prepare presentations (individual, paired or small group) and will report back on your findings. Much of your work will be produced independently. However, there are frequent opportunities to share ideas either prior to, during or after written assignments. You should expect to complete approximately 5 hours of independent study outside of your lessons.

Course content:

Paper 1: Markets and Market Failure

Paper 2: National and International Economy

Paper 3: Econimic Principals and Issues.

Methods of assessment:

All three units are assessed via formal examination each of which is 2 hours long and worth 80 marks. Each unit is equally weighted for final results.

Entry requirements:

You must have achieved at least a grade 5 in Mathematics. You must have passion and the enthusiasm for studying Economics as a subject as it is very challenging topic. You must be prepared to read extensively and participate fully in all aspects of teaching and learning, throughout the two-year study period.