Student Bursaries

16-19 Bursary Fund Guidelines 

Rainford High Sixth Form receives an allocation of funds which we have a duty to ensure is spent in ways which help break down the financial barriers and deal with the costs of remaining in further education. We would really encourage those that may be eligible to apply and receive support to enhance their learning opportunities over the course of their sixth form studies. Details of eligibility and how to apply are contained below. 

Eligibility and Criteria 

There are two ways in which you may be considered for the bursary funds: 

Category A: Vulnerable Group Bursary 

Students will qualify for this bursary if they fall into one of the following categories: 

  • A young person in care 
  • A care leaver 
  • A young person in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit in their own name 
  • A disabled learner in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance/or Universal Credit and Disability Living Allowance/ or Personal Independence Payments 

Students must provide official confirmation of their eligibility for the mandatory bursary, for example a letter from the Local Authority. The student must also be aged below 19 on 31 August before the academic year they require the Bursary for to qualify. 

For further information refer to the bursary policy.

Category B: Discretionary Bursary 

Eligibility for the discretionary bursary considers various aspects of family income and evidence of this will be required to process applications. For 2023-2024, the threshold of household income to be eligible is up to £30,810 per annum or less. Evidence could include: receipt of benefit and/or P60, Tax Credit Award Notice or evidence of self-employment income.

Discretionary bursaries can only be spent on certain items which are deemed to be essential to their studies; examples of these are not limited to but include: 

  • Stationery 
  • Equipment 
  • Books 
  • UCAS/University visits or interviews 
  • Associated costs supporting any other post-18 destination (such as transport for interviews for employment or apprenticeship) 
  • Educational visits to support learning 
  • Transport to and from Sixth Form, work placement and work experience 
  • School lunch (whilst on school premises) 

For further information refer to the bursary policy.

Year 12 Travel Bursary

We are delighted to inform you that we can again continue to offer a subsidy towards bus pass travel costs, to our new Year 12 students, starting Rainford High Sixth Form in September 2023.

This will be for the academic school year September 2023 – July 2024 only.

The subsidy available will be towards bus pass travel only and will be 50% of the cost or up to a maximum value of £150 for the whole academic school year.

During September once the term has commenced, each student will be given the opportunity to present a copy of the bus pass that has been purchased together with a copy of the proof of purchase (receipt) indicating the amount that has been paid to staff at the Student Service desk.

Details of this will be noted and a form will then be given to students for them to take home for you to complete with your bank details.  Once returned funds will be reimbursed directly into your chosen bank account accordingly.

We understand the cost of travel has increased and we hope this initiative will help in some way alleviate some of the financial pressure some families currently experience.