UCAS Parent Information

Our Advice, Careers and Employability team (ACE), along with curriculum staff and personal tutors, have been working hard throughout the year to support students in making informed decisions about their career plans. We have also been raising aspirations and encouraging students to consider Higher Education (HE) options, through exploring and making applications for university courses and higher or degree apprenticeships after their current Level 3 course.

We know that as well as the work going on in college to help students make informed choices on progression, you as parents/carers will also play an important role in supporting students to make informed choices and applications for Higher Education.

On this page you will find information, useful links and resources, which will equip you with the knowledge to best support students through this process.

Please take a look through the resources and links below, we thank you for your support. If you have any questions/queries relating to the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Advice, Careers & Employability team on the following email address [email protected]

Student Finance England presentation

Below is a presentation from Student Finance England, which outlines financial support available for students wishing to access Higher Education courses. The will show current support and figures for students (2020) and give you an idea of financial support available. These figures can be subject to change for the forthcoming year. We will also invite you into College to attend a Student Finance Parents’ evening.

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Parent Student Finance 2023

Parents and students can use the Student Finance calculator tool (available at www.studentfinanceengland.co.uk) to understand the types of student finance and how much financial support a student may be entitled to when attending university.

Important websites

Please find below links to websites that provide a wealth of information relating to opportunities after college. These range from HE options, whether that be traditional university, or looking at Higher or Degree apprenticeship opportunities. There is also information on these resources about other opportunities such as taking a gap year.

www.ucas.com -This website provides a wealth of information on all things HE related and is the site which manages the majority of HE applications through UCAS Apply and UCAS Track. ·

https://www.opendays.com – A one stop shop to find out about open days /virtual tours

https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship – The place to search local and national apprenticeship opportunities at all levels and make online applications. ·

www.studentfinanceengland.co.uk – Information point of financial support available. This website is also host to the student finance calculator. ·

https://www.ucas.com/alternatives/gap-year/gap-years-ideas-and-things-think-about  – Here the UCAS page shares information on gap years, and lists some useful sites to consider when looking for gap year opportunities.

Students can also access the above information and further resources on their SOLAR page > Student Zone > Advice, Careers and Employability > More information for students.

Alternatively, there are some FE/HE colleges that offer HE courses. These allow students to apply directly and therefore don’t list provision on UCAS. Riverside college is one of these, we offer an extensive list of Higher Education courses, including Higher National Certificates (HNC), Higher National Diplomas (HND), Higher Apprenticeships, Foundation Degrees, Top Up Degree and Teacher Education PCET or PGCE. You can find more information on our own HE provision on the following link: https://www.riversidecollege.ac.uk/higher-education/

We thank you again for your support, and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

The Advice, Careers and Employability Team.