Principal’s Welcome

As Principal of Rainford High and CEO of the Everyone Matters Schools Trust. I am passionate about making Rainford High the best possible school for the young people who come here. This school is an inclusive and continually improving school, we are moving towards our goal of achieving excellence. As part of the Everyone Matters Schools Trust our aim is to build a legacy of excellent education for all our children and our community. 

Our school has a clear ethos that Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds. This means we expect our community to be polite, kind and respectful, make sensible choices and work hard. 

Schools are fantastic places because they are about making dreams a reality. I believe young people can achieve anything that they want but they have to underpin their dreams with a solid foundation of hard work, respect and honesty. It is Rainford High’s job to prepare it’s young people for the future. 

We live in a world changing and developing faster than at any other point in history. Information and new discoveries are happening faster than ever before and we live in a truly global society. As a school we have a responsibility to make students lifelong learners who can move into the future with confidence.

One thing I insist on is that every student at Rainford High must have a dream and set themselves targets to achieve whatever that dream is. 

Gandhi who led the Indian nation towards independence said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 

For the school this means doing things to the highest standards we can all of the time and making the most of every single day.  

To help the school achieve this I expect: 

From the pupils, the highest standards of effort, dress, behaviour and a positive attitude towards the challenge of learning, this is underpinned by living our school ethos. 

From the parents, support in reinforcing those standards, making learning a valuable experience by challenging and supporting every child to achieve their very best. 

From myself and my staff, you can expect that we will work to make this the very best school possible. My promise to you as Principal of Rainford High, is that your child will receive the highest quality of education and have the best possible start in life. I am committed to the highest standards for your child in every aspect of their learning, so that they make excellent progress and can achieve their dreams and ambitions in the future. At Rainford High we are continually focused on living our ethos that Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds. 


Ian Young