School Health Safety Policy

School Main Risk Assessment

Behaviour and Expectations

Attendance Policy

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Drugs Policy

Exclusions Policy

Mobile Phone and Other Devices Policy

Searching and Confiscation Policy

School Uniform Policy


Accessibility plan

Admissions Policy 2023-24

Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints Policy

CCTV Policy – Next Review Feb 2024

Data Breach Procedure

Data-Protection Policy

Individuals Contracts Privacy Notice

Early Careers Teacher Policy

Lettings Policy – Next Review Sept 2023

Parent Privacy Notice

Pupil Privacy Notice

Proposed Community and Foundation Trust Secondary Schools Admissions Arrangements

Records Management Policy

Retention Schedule September 2022

Safer Recruitment Policy

Snow Plan Procedure

Subject Access Procedures

Trustees Privacy Notice

Visitor Privacy Notice

Workforce Privacy Notice


Assessment Policy

Exam Contingency Plan

Exams Policy

Homework Policy

Non-Examination Assessment Policy

Word Processor Policy (Examinations)

Personal Development

PSHRE Policy

CEIAG, Careers, education, information and guidance policy

Equality action plan

Equality Policy – Information and Objective Statement

Provider Access Policy Statement

Statement on Promotion of British Values

Safeguarding and Wellbeing

Acceptable Use Policy

Allegations Guidance Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Child on Child Safeguarding Allegations

Confidential Reporting Whistleblowing Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Designated Teacher Policy

Gender Identity Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Medical and Care Policy

Medical and First Aid Procedures COVID 19

Mental Health and Well-being Policy

Online Safety Policy

Prevent Policy

Prevent Action Plan

Prevent Policy

Young Carers

Safer Recruitment Policy

Safe Touch Policy

Searching and Confiscation Policy

Social Media Policy

Suicide Safer Policy

Supervision Policy


Access Arrangements Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report

SEND information Report 2

Rainford High SEND Policy

St. Helens Council SEN – The Local Offer

Central Policies

EMST Adoption leave policy 2023 (1)

EMST Alcohol & Drugs at work policy 2023 (1)

EMST Appraisal Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Code of Conduct policy 2023 (1)

EMST Dignity at work Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Disciplinary Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Disciplinary Rules & Procedures

EMST Equal Opportunities Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Flexible Working Policy (includes special leave)(1b)

EMST Grievance Procedure (1)

EMST Maternity Leave Policy and Procedure 2023 (1)

EMST No Smoking Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Paternity Leave Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Pay Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Recognition Agreement 2023

EMST Redundancy Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Scheme of Delegation

EMST Shared Parental Leave (adoption)

EMST shared parental leave (birth) 2023 (1)

EMST Sickness Absence Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Staff Expenses policy (1)

EMST Support staff appraisal 2023 (1)

EMST Support Staff Capability Policy 2023

EMST Teacher Capability Policy 2023 (1)

EMST Whistleblowing Policy 2023 (1)