Support and Guidance

Are you thinking about your future or worried about what to do after education? There is plenty of support and help available at Rainford High Sixth Form to help you discover what is right for you and to give you the information you need to shape your future. You will discuss these options individually with your personal tutor but in addition, your head of year, Miss Fawley and Miss Donovan, who are more than happy to help you look at different options and decide the best options for you.

After leaving college there are four main options:

  • Attending a university
  • Starting an apprenticeship or sponsored degree programme
  • Seeking employment
  • Take a gap year

During the year we have several visiting speakers, careers and apprenticeship event and the HE events to help you with your decision making.

Moving on from sixth form can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. The school has a careers advisor who is available to meet with students to offer advice and guidance regarding next steps. See Ms Jacques in the library to make an appointment. 

The Which University Careers Planner gives a good visual overview to help you consider and plan what to do next and if you’re struggling with the decision about whether to go to university or do an apprenticeship take a look at Should I apply for an apprenticeship or go to university?

Future Learn also has a great three-hour course that could support your transition planning University and Your Future: Career Planning and Making the Most of Your Degree

Unifrog can also help you identify pathways and opportunities that will help you decide what to do next after sixth form.