Staff list as of September 2020


Mr Ian Young

Vice Principal

Mr Ian Murphy
School Improvement and Progress

Assistant Principals

Mrs A Cooper
Teacher Learning and Development

Mr J Kenyon
Character and Culture

Miss M Winn
Quality Assurance

Director of Safeguarding

Mr J Kenyon

Director of Special Educational Needs, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mrs J Burgess (SENDCO)

Director of Business and Finance

Miss A Marsh

Extended Leadership Group

Director of Personal Development
Mr G Makin

Director of Vocational Subjects
Mrs L Wall

Director of Learning and Development
Miss S Charlesworth

Director of Stakeholder Academic Engagement with
Responsibility for Disadvantaged Students
Mrs L Cross

Lead Teacher

Mr A Simpson
Data / Timetable / Whole school ICT


Mrs J Burgess – SENCO

Mrs K Thomas: Assistant SENCo

Mr R Stow

Miss M Green


Learning Leader Y7: Mr R O’Connor

Learning Leader Y8: Mr J Penfold

Learning Leader Y9: Mr R Stow


Learning Leader Y10: Mr A Skerry

Learning Leader Y11: Miss S Trivedi


Head of 6th Form: Mr G Fletcher

Assistant Head of 6th Form: Miss C Fawley

Post 16 Patoral Leader: Miss H Moreton


Mr M Wainwright: Director of Learning/ELG

Mrs K Bray

Mr R Calderbank

Miss R Drury

Miss R Eaton: Curriculum Manager KS5

Miss A Heyes

Mrs S Kidd

Miss J McMurchie

Miss S Moss

Mr I Murphy

Mrs S Poole: Lead Teacher

Mrs J Seddon

Miss M Tully


Mr N Brown: Director of Learning/ELG

Mr D Allen

Mrs K Baillie

Mr O Chalabi: Curriculum Manager KS4

Mr C Conn

Mrs A Cooper

Mrs H Geoghegan: Curriculum Manager KS5

Mrs S Graham

Mrs R Hampson

Miss J Harrison

Mr J Hetherington

Mr J Kenyon

Miss R McCosh

Mr M McDonnell

Mr J Ndebu


Mr R Spedding: Director of Learning

Miss F Ashton

Miss E Belford

Mr G Bradbury

Mr R Dixon: Curiculum Manager Biology

Miss V Ellingham

Mr G Fletcher

Mr J Heaton : Deputy Director of Learning

Mr B McKeown

Miss L McKnight

Miss R Pennington

Miss  E Seary

Mrs S Tyler: Deputy Director of Learning

Mrs L Wilkinson


Mr R Hughes: Curriculum Leader

Miss V Brothers

Mrs H Tomsett


Mrs L Wall : Curriculum Leader

Miss J Burgess: SENCO

Miss J Chadwick

Mr G Rothwell

Mr D Williams: Curriculum Manager


Mrs L Williams : Curriculum Leader Humanities

Miss A Campbell (History)

Mr L Brown (History)

Mr G Coleman (Geography)

Mrs H Dack: Curriculum Leader RE

Miss C Davies  (Geography)

Miss M Donovan (Geography)

Mrs I Kilgallon (History/RE)

Miss D McIntosh (History/RE)

Mr J Penfold (RE)

Mrs A Rigby (History)

Mrs M Robinson (Geog)

Miss E Rudge (RE)

Miss S Smyth (History/RE)

Miss M Timmons (History)

Ms M Winn, WNN (Geography)

Mr I Young (History)

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs F Begley: Director of Learning

Miss S Charlesworth

Miss E Cooke

Mr R O’Connor

Miss E Seddon

Mrs K Thomas

Miss I Zarain

Performing Arts

Mrs G Bocker: Curriculum Leader, ITTLead/ELG

Mr M Ascroft

Miss H Gillard

Miss S Hett

Mrs E McFadden

Physical Education

Mr R Unsworth: Curriculum Leader

Mr D Allen: BTEC Co-ordinator

Miss E Belford

Mrs L Cross

Mrs C Kerr : Curriculum Manager

Mr G Makin

Miss E Rudge

Mr A Skerry

Miss S Smith


Social Sciences/Business Ed

Miss L Arnold (Soc/Health Care)

Mrs N Graham (Psychology)

Miss J Hird (Business)

Miss S Trivedi (Soc/Health Care)

Mr J Zammit-Garcia (Politics/Econ/Law/EPQ)


Mr T Burt: Curriculum Leader

Mr C Eaton

Miss C Fawley

Miss C Holmes

Mrs S Proffitt

Mrs S Pullen

Mr A Simpson


Non-Teaching Support Staff

Director of Business and Finance

Miss A Marsh

Principal’s Personal Assistant

Mrs J Ledson M/T/W
Mrs J Kershaw Th/F

Data and Systems Manager

Mrs S Cahill


Mrs K Knowles: Finance Manager

Mrs C Anderws: Finance Officer

Education and Welfare Officer

Mr D Taylor

Examinations Officer

Mrs R Ranson

Administrative Support

Mrs J Hill Office Manager

Mrs L Bivon SEN Admin Support

Mrs V Butler Receptionist

Mrs S Byrne Assessment/Lettings

Mrs J Lowe Admin/Attendance

Ms G Rice Post 16 Administrator

Mr S Williams Systems Support & Reprographics Officer

Librarian/Learning Resource Manager

Mrs C Osman

Student Support

Mrs A Moore Y7

Mrs A McCartney Y8

Mrs E Sheedy Y9

Mr M Pendlebury Y10/Y12

Miss H Moreton Y11/Y13

Mrs S Robinson Inclusion

Mrs C Turton Academic Intervention Tutor

Mr M White Pupil Premium


Higher Level Learning Assistants

Mrs V Jones

Mrs P Lacey

Senior Learning / Departmental Assistants

Mrs G Atkinson

Miss S Bates

Miss A Drewett

Miss H Greenway

Mrs B Harris

Miss H Mather

Mrs H Quinn

Mr J Smith

Learning Assistants

Mrs O Birchall

Mrs J Bishop

Miss B Cart

Mrs M Green

Miss I Knowles

Miss P Litherland

Miss R McArdle

Miss B Mills

Mrs G Moore

Miss N Naylor

Mrs L Nolan

Mrs D Picton

Mrs F Powell

Mrs C Rimmer

Miss J Tickle

Mrs G Whittle


Miss M Caesar Learning Assistant

Miss E Killa Business Admin

Miss R Scott Learning Assistant

Miss N Smith Learning Assistant

Miss M Tinsley Learning Assistant

Curriculum Technicians

Mr M Bailey – PE

Miss J Brothers: Technology

Mrs Y Davies: Science

Miss H Duffy: Senior Science

Mr J Mayer: Technology

Miss A Smith: Expressive Arts

Mr B Byrne: Lettings and Facilities Technician

Midday Supervisors

Mrs L Atherton

Mrs R Williams